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DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES.  Basic duties and responsibilities for assigned JROTC Cadets are outlined below.  Each Cadet is expected to seek out responsibility and perform those tasks that will make his/her particular position function more smoothly.  The primary responsibility of leadership for each Cadet officer and noncommissioned officer is to set the highest standards for performance possible in all fields of endeavor.

a) ALL CADETS.  Each Lumberjack Battalion Cadet is responsible for conducting himself/herself, at all times, in a manner which reflects credit upon himself/herself, the JROTC unit, the school, and the community.  Since we wear uniforms once a week, our actions also reflect on the U.S. Army.  Whether in uniform or not, Cadets are responsible for maintaining the highest standards of conduct and appearance, for abiding by the rules and regulations of both the unit and the school, and for carrying out instructions and orders to the best of his/her ability.

b) CADET OFFICERS AND SENIOR NONCOMMISSIONED OFFICERS (NCO).  Cadets are promoted and selected for unit assignments based on demonstrated performance and academic excellence.  Continued enthusiasm, active support of and participation in the JROTC program, a positive attitude, and demonstrated leadership skills are required of the Cadet in order for appointment to a leadership position.  Cadet Officers and Senior NCOs are expected to set the example for their subordinates.  Extra effort and time will be required of these positions.  Cadets whose performance of duties is not of a satisfactory nature may be demoted.

c) Battalion Commander (BN CDR).  The BN CDR is responsible for everything the Battalion does or fails to do.  He/she is held accountable for the training, efficiency, discipline, administration and welfare of the Battalion.

d) EXECUTIVE OFFICER (XO).  The XO is 2d in command of the Battalion and the Chief of Staff.  He/she will perform such duties as are assigned by the BN CDR and will coordinate Battalion Staff activities.  The XO will keep abreast of all Battalion activities and assume command in the absence of the BN CDR.

e) COMMAND SERGEANT MAJOR (CSM).  The CSM is the senior enlisted member of the Battalion.  He/she reports directly to the Battalion Commander, keeping him/her advised on matters pertaining to the discipline, conduct and morale of the Battalion.

f) S-1/ADJUTANT.  The Adjutant exercises staff responsibility over personnel activities, correspondence, historical/command chronology activities and other administrative areas not specifically tasked to other staff officers.

g) S-2/SECURITY & ORDNANCE OFFICER.  The S-2 conducts routine and special property inventories as specified in Cadet Command regulations and determines the requirements for storage, maintenance and distribution of all ordnance materials (weapons and optics).

h) S-3/OPERATIONS OFFICER.  The S-3 has responsibility for the execution of current operations and the planning of future operations. Specifically, the S-3:
(1) Conducts weekly BN Training Meetings.
(2) Maintains BN Training Calendar
(3) Executes duty of Tasking Authority over the entire Battalion.
(4) Develops Plans (OPORD/FRAGO) for all Battalion events.

i) S-4/LOGISTICS OFFICER.  The S-4 exercises responsibility for logistics, supply and maintenance management activities of the Battalion. Specifically, the S-4:
(1) Plans, coordinates and supervises the storage, issue and recovery of all supplies, ordnance and equipment.
(2) Monitors and accounts for all equipment custody records.
(3) Resources all training activities of the Battalion.

j) S-5/PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICER.  The S-5 exercises responsibility for all public affairs topics. Specifically, the S-5:
(1) Ensures that digital pictures are taken and maintained of all JROTC supported events. Additionally, provide a copy of all digital pictures to the SAI within 2 days of each event.
(2) Ensures that a BN press release is submitted to the BHS Newspaper and Bogalusa Newspaper NLT 1 DEC and 1 MAY.
(3) Maintains the Lumberjack BN Website to ensure all data and pictures are current.

k) COMPANY COMMANDER (CO CDR).  The CO CDR is responsible for everything the company does or fails to do.  The CO CDR is held accountable for the training, efficiency, discipline, administration and welfare of the company.

l) COMPANY EXECUTIVE OFFICER (CO XO).  The CO XO is 2d in command of the company.  The XO performs such duties as are assigned by the CO CDR and serves as the coordinator of all company admin and logistical activities.  He/she will assume command of the company in the absence of the CO CDR.

m) COMPANY FIRST SERGEANT (1SG).  The 1SG is the senior enlisted member of the company.  He/she assists the CO CDR by performing such duties as may be assigned.  The 1SG is the principal enlisted assistant to the CO CDR in supervising the administration of the company.

n) PLATOON LEADER (PL).  The PL is responsible for everything the platoon does or fails to do.  He/she is held accountable for the training, efficiency, discipline, administration and welfare of the platoon.

o) PLATOON SERGEANT (PSG).  The PSG is 2d in command of the platoon and performs those duties assigned by the PL.  The PSG assumes command of the platoon in the absence of the PL. He/she assists in all aspects of the supervision, discipline and control of the platoon.

p) SQUAD LEADER (SL).  The SL assists the PL and PSG in all activities of the platoon.

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